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Dry Cargo

Dry cargo are utilized to convey strong dry merchandise that have a higher resistance to warmth and chilly, for example, metal minerals, coal, steel items, woodland items, and grains. These vessels are furnished with on-deck cranes and other instrument for stacking and emptying of merchandise. As dry payload shipment doesn’t need extraordinary kinds of insurances (as needed for conveying fluid and gases), mass transporters and holder ships don’t have installed temperature control gear. Today, majority of global exchange is completed by a large number of Dry cargo transporters shipping products to ports over the world.


Reefer Cargo

We have improved our reefer cargo armada yet more significantly, we have guaranteed we prepare and create groups of reefer specialists in our organizations around the globe. At Archer Shipping, we comprehend the significance of safeguarding the state of our clients’ payload from the second it is stacked until the second it arrives at its conveyance point. Throughout the long term, we have constructed solid experience and skill in shipping chilled and solidified merchandise – items including new produce, for example, leafy foods, meat, fish, poultry, dairy items and drugs.

Archer Shipping

Archer Shipping

Special Cargo

Drug products might be obliterated on the off chance that they are presented to unfriendly ecological conditions, for example, temperature, stickiness or changing climate pressure. Because of its tendency, drugs items, pronounced as delicate, requires exceptional pressing and dealing with techniques.

Special cargo implies merchandise that breaks down over a given timeframe or whenever presented to unfriendly temperature, moistness or other ecological conditions. Because of its inclination, transient load frequently requires extraordinary bundling and taking care of techniques.

Dangerous Goods

One of the principal liner transporting organizations to set up a committed dangerous goods division, A worldwide organization of provincial Dangerous Goods specialists ensure your load gets the extraordinary consideration it needs, A magnificent IT-arrangement produced for smooth preparing of risky products shipments, Standardized worldwide cycles and exacting inner rules that at times go past legitimate prerequisites, Comprehensive worldwide assistance organization, Receive an informed reaction regarding whether a dangerous goods shipment is doable, Smooth and effective shipment dealing with.

Archer Shipping

Archer Shipping

Intermodal Services

Intermodal services are the utilization of two methods of cargo, for example, truck and rail, to ship merchandise from transporter to proctor. The multi-purpose measure ordinarily starts with a compartment being moved by a truck to a rail; at that point back to a truck to finish the cycle. The railroad framework requires less fuel than street transport. Hence, multi-purpose delivering brings costs and contributes down to a greener climate. At the point when you have to make extra space on your harbor, or get ready and burden a shipment through the span of days, dropped multi-purpose compartment charges are insignificant in contrast with full truckload.


The containers we gracefully meet all ISO prerequisites just as the most recent security guidelines. An overall assessment technique ensures the nature of gear. The methodology is routinely managed and affirmed by an affirmation society.  Dry cargo container reasonable for any broad load. All holders are furnished with different lashing gadgets on longitudinal rails and corner posts. The High Cube holder is exceptionally intended for voluminous load. For high and unreasonably high loads we give Hardtop compartments.

Archer Shipping

Archer Shipping

Verified Gross Mass (VGM)

The Verified Gross Mass (VGM) is a genuinely new idea presented in the sea business. Holder weight confirmation has now become a worldwide necessity. Another alteration was brought into power by IMO and presented in SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) guideline VI/2, embraced by goal MSC.380(94) which got viable on the first of July, 2016 that covers holder weight guidelines. As per this new correction, no compartment is permitted to be stacked on board the boat except if its Verified Gross Mass has been proclaimed by the transporter to the shipboard staff as well as to port delegates.